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tv   Eyewitness News at Noon  ABC  December 3, 2015 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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>> we begin our coverage from san bernardino, california. >> reporter: the suspects in yesterday's san bernardino shooting may be dead but the story is far from over. one worked for the county for five years and attended the event wednesday morning. authorities don't the know the motive at this time and they are not ruling out terrorism. the end of yesterday's manhunt is today's crime scene. this suv, the get-away car for the suspects. the reminder of the carnage that took place. >> we have several down in the conference room. several down. >> it's a sad day. a sad day for our country. >> reporter: it start when had the two suspect stormed the center with seem-at mattic weapons wednesday morning, killing 1. >> i saw two bodies in the of the building. neither were moving. >> reporter: people like kevin ortiz,. >> he sustained five gunshot wounds.
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he's in a lot of pain. >> reporter: another family member recounting the phone call her injured brother made. >> he called my father and he just let them know that he had been shot. he had told my father that the policeman was next to him and guiding him out. >> reporter: the suspects, killed in a shootout with police, are identified as 28- year-old syed rizwan farook and his romantic partner, 27-year- old tashfeen malik. >> in black clothe, still firing rounds. >> reporter: abc news has confirmed they dropped their six-month-old infant before heading off on the deadly rampage, telling her they had a doctor's appoint. >> i have no idea. i am in shock myself. >> reporter: according to law enforcement source, all four guns used in the shooting were purchased legally. two of them were purchased by the shooters and the other two purchased by another party.
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bernardino, back to you. >> thank you. well this afternoon, we are learning more about the married couple accused of being behind the massacre. >> abc news is reporting that all four guns used by syed rizwan farook and his wife tashfeen malik were legally purchased. we are in the news room with more on the couple. >> reporter: by all account, syed rizwan farook and tashfeen malik seemed like a normal couple. nothing they did seemed to raise suspicions. but away if the public view, they were stock piling weapons and waiting for the right time to attack. little did anyone know, the targets would be syed rizwan farook's co-workers, people the couple called friends. >> friends say the 28-year-old syed rizwan farook was mild mannered and soft spoke and seemed to enjoy his job as an environmental specialists at the county health department. on the dating website, he
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calm, thoughtful, looking for woman who wears a hijab. >> they got permission to go there and marry her. >> reporter: investigators believe that woman is 27-year- old tashfeen malik. his wife and murdering accomplice. the abc news chief investigator discussed on "good morning america" how rare it is to have a woman involved in a murderous plot. >> the involvement of a woman is very unusual. neither isis or al-qaeda allows women to be warriors or fighters. this is unusual. >> reporter: the couple lived in a townhouse in a middle class neighborhood, never raising any suspicions but investigators say secretly they were putting together a plan to carry out their mass murdering mission. but why? a question that remains unanswered. >> looking at the workplace teenage, what happened that could have sparked this? and they're looking at, did he get radicalized online? was there a meeting overseas that could have sparked this as
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they say they have not made a final determination. >> reporter: coworkers say 20 minutes before the shoot, he left the job appearing nervous. investigators say he and his wife returned dressed in black, carrying high-powered weapon, shooting to kill. >> and some of the same people the couple allegedly targeted yesterday are the same coworkers who gave them a baby shower. one worker saying it doesn't make sense. a man who seemed to love his job and like his coworkers deadly. we're live in the news room, channel 7 eyewitness news. thank you. the shooting is once again gun control. senator chris murphy of connecticut with the shootings in newleaving 27 people dead sent out this tweet, your thoughts should be about steps to take this carnage.
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forgiveness if you do nothing again. hillary rodham clinton and the other candidates echoed president control. >> it is time for us to say, we're going to have checks. we're going to close the gun show loophole. >> a senior white house official tells cbc news the administration is looking at possible executive actions to tighten gun control. and we will follow the latest on the shooting in san bernardino. we are in california. you can see the reports beginning on eyewitness first at 4:00 and at and we are expecting to hear from officials in san bernardino within the hour. we will bring you their comments live. and we have one more local angle on the gun control debate. the new jersey state assembly may end governor chris christie's perfect veto record. they'll try to override the veto of a gun control bill today. it would require someone with a
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law enforcement before they buy a gun. in october, the republicans and a handful of democrats voted to override the veto. according to the associated press, the defense secretary will order later today for the military to open all combat jobs to women. he will reportedly give all divisions of the military until january 1st to submit plans. the joints chiefs of staff chairman has said the marine corp should be allowed to have women on some jobs. he claims mixed gender units units. a school bomb plot foiled in clifton, new jersey. at least five 10-year-olds are a bomb. we are in clifton with the latest. >> reporter: well, police have
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device they found on the students would never have have exploded and caused any harm to anyone but the thing is, those kids thought that it would and they want to know where they got the idea. >> it's very scary. and i think parents should pay more attention to the kids. >> reporter: luckily, someone at clifton school 11 was paying attention. five students had a would-be bomb. reportedly made of cinnamon and vinegar and believed it could blow people up. >> i just dropped him off and i'm so worried to leave him. afraid what's going the to happen. i don't know if i should stick around and wait to see. >> reporter: the target, according to police, clifton high school students. they say the fifth graders planned to detonate the makeshift device during a wednesday night assembly but teachers found written plans about the plot earlier during the day which led to the discovery of the device parents say they are just
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>> very concerned. we weren't aware. we were notified. it was nothing by the school to us. >> reporter: and it's sad that they don't let us know. because they take us lightly and all these things happen later and then we as muslims get blamed for this. >> reporter: all five students now suspended, four boys and one girl. but it's little comfort for her. her son is in the same grade as the suspects. >> what about the rest of them? what about the family members and parents here? you know. they also have parents. and i don't know what other plans. so i'm afraid. >> reporter: and we have reached out to the school superintendent's office a number of times this morning and we are waiting for a comment from the superintendent. and in terms of the investigation, that has now been turned over to the passaic county prosecutor's off and we are looking -- prosecutor's
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hear from them as well. >> thank you. the american sentenced to 20 years for collaborating with a terrorist group in peru is now on her way to new york. she left cradling her 6-year- old son in her arms. she was convicted of working with a rebel group in the 1990s. she was paroled in 2010 but wasn't allowed to leave the country until her sentence ended. police in brooklyn investigating a possible bias attack yesterday afternoon. a 21-year-old jewish man says someone used a slur while punching him as he left the fort hamilton parkway subway station. he was hit in the nose but not seriously hurt. police have not made any arrests yet. the reward in the search for the arsonist in queens has been raised to more than $12,000. police are trying to the track down this man, caught on video near the sites in forest hills. at least six buildings in the same neighborhood have been torched.
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at one location with a message took them to a false lead. an appeal's court reversing the sentence for oscar pistorius. today south africa's top appeals court overturned the lower court's conviction on the charges of manslaughter. he said he thought his girlfriend was an intruder when she shot her through the bathroom door in 2013. he is expected to remain on house arrest until next month. a murder conviction carries a minimum of 15 years in jail. kidnapped and stabbed. a man accused of abducting his child and attacker the mother appearing in court. we are learning more about the alert. and an agency in crisis. a new report pointing out major concerns for the secret service. i'm bill evans here in the it's windy. we have breaks of sunshine. temperatures are around 48 to
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little bit above normal. but check out the wind this afternoon. 25 miles per hour wind, queen, 30.
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officials in belgium say they have detained two more massacre. one person detained at brussels national airport on sunday. they say he tried to fly to morocco. and the second person detained during a raid on sunday. in all, belgium now has eight terror suspects linked to the attack behind bars.
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have carried out air strikes in syria. it comes hours after parliament gave the prime minister authority for the ire strikes. there was more than 10 hours of debate in parliament. prime minister david cam said that they must strike isis to attack us. two army pilots were kill when had the helicopter crashed board. the two crew members were flying a two-seater during a routine the training mission when the helicopter went down last night. right now it's not clear what caused the crash. the helicopter was found in a river bottom and was on fire. the army is investigating. a new report finds a number of problems with the u.s. secret service calling it, quote, an agency in crisis. the house oversight and government reform committee found a total of 143 security breaches or attemped breaches at buildings secured by the secret service. and now the report goes back a total of 10 years.
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leadership failures and congressional budget cuts led to most of the problems. coming up, grocery shoppers couldn't believe their eyes. birds frying into a store and, get this, nibbling on food in the meat department. >> eww. and why one couple walked away smiling after this traffic stop. and taking a live look outside. nice day out there.
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yeah, we finally saw something we've been missing. for a little bit. >> what's that? >> you know, that orange thing in the sky. >> there you go. >> why don't i see it here? you know, i saw the picture. >> it's kind of overcast. >> it showed sun. there's allegedly a sun out there. i don't see it. >> it's the west side. sometimes residents can get a little cantankerous. looking at the brooklyn bridge and from the watch tower across the east river there. the water taxi going down there. and all the water taxis working back and forth. so pretty good afternoon from the south street. and where the ferries come in.
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this going off and on all afternoon. temperature 48 degrees. the humidity is driving the wind northwest at 10 miles per hour. up to 20 miles per hour. and we're going to be looking at a good sunset at 4:29. normal high is 47. and we will be above that into next week. and record high set back in 1998, that was a very warm year around the entire northern hemisphere actually. so now we're looking at sunshine returning today. windy and plenty of sunshine. and a very fine first weekend of december coming up with temperatures that are going to be mild, warmer than normal for december. and mild temperatures into next week with the shot of rain on tuesday. and it's 50 already. and ridgewood, queen, 52. 50 on long island. and there's the wind. this is the sustained wind, 17, 18, 20 miles per hour. a few gusts so far, 30 at jfk.
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will keep blowing in here. and it's possible with that low going out, the upper-level trough going out here and then you have the lake-effects coming across. some might make to it the catskills or northern jersey. you see a sprinkle here on the futurecast at 2:00. but it dies out before it can get over the mountains. and we're at 5 2 . tonight and tomorrow, the wind dies down and we get into this high pressure ridge. a breezy day and off to the races of a beautiful weekend starting tomorrow with the temperature at 51 degrees. and very windy this afternoon. the gusts will go to 35. tonight, clearing sky, winds diminish. 30s in the suburbs. and 40 around the five boroughs and long island. and tomorrow, 51. the seven-day forecast into the weekend, we're looking at sunshine on saturday, 52. it's mild and even milder
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look at that, 56 degrees on sunday. jets play giants on sunday at metlife stadium. what a day that's going to be. kick-off temperature at 54 degrees. december. wow. hanukkah begins this weekend. so going to be great weather for that. >> there you go. you deliver every time. that's a lot of pressure. >> it took people a year to say that. because last winter it was like, we would liking for to undeliver. >> you were like a nasty curse last year. >> you deserve your moment. it started like an ordinary morning until one family realized their dog was suddenly sick. and the reason why has prompted a criminal investigation. the alarming details next. and we expect to hear more
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go long. our attention. good samaritans rushing to help a man in a wheelchair who fell was pulling in. watch as he tried to inch forward. the wheelchair tumbles on to the tracks and the man along with a small dog tossed out. just then a train started to approach the station.
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carried the man and the dog to fortunately we can tell you that no one was hurt in this story. home security cameras caught a suv crashing into a lawn in houston. right there. the family says the vehicle crashed into their home -- -- they say, vehicles crash into their home often. they spent several thousands dollars to protect their home. it didn't work. they want the city to install speed bumps. a flock of birds caught on camera inside a walmart. pecking apart packages of meat. a shopper shot the video on saturday in walmart in massachusetts. it shows the birds perched on shelves in the refrigerator aisle perching on the meat. 17 birds were removed from the store. walmart says safeguards are now
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sounds like a movie to me. >> i thought they liked bread but i guess they prefer meat. target has reached a settlement with banks impacted by a massive data breach. they'll pay $39 million to banks that were forced to reimburse customers. the company said at least 40 million customers, credit card and personal information was stolen when hackers broke into the two years ago. and there's much more news ahead. the man accused of kidnapping his daughter after stabbing had her mother faces a judge. the new information we are learning coming up. and traffic congestion in new york city. is uber to blame?
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our top story this afternoon, the motive is still a mystery in the shooting spree in california that left 14 people dead and 17 others wounded. officials have not rule out terrorism. they have identified the couple who opened fire at a san bernardino county event as syed rizwan farook and tashfeen malik. syed rizwan farook had worked for the county for five years. the two dropped off their baby with his mother before heading off on the deadly rampage, telling her they had a doctor's appointment. we are expecting officials
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when that happen, we will bring it to you live. hello again. >> we begin this half hour with new details about the man accused of kidnapping his daughter and stabbing her mother. >> the 51-year-old faced a judge a short time ago in new jersey. yesterday we learned he is a former new jersey police officer. and we are in paterson with the new details. >> reporter: well, yeah, we just had the hearing ending up about 45 minutes ago inside of the passaic county courthouse. at this point in time, the they're looking forward to clearing up his name. this is happening here in the passaic county courts. and now he walked into the courtroom wearing a prison jump suit and custom shackles and he had a bandage on the wrist that his attorney says may become significant if the case goes to trial. the 47-year-old suspect has consented to the being taken back to new york to face
12:26 pm
assault on his wife and the daughter. he hopes to return to new york soon to plead not guilty to charges which include attempted murder, kidnapping and assault. his wife was apparently stabbed but she did survive. he took his daughter on bert alert. he was arrested following a police pursuit down the garden state parkway. she is now back with relatives in bronx and yesterday, he was a former new jersey police officer who lost his job as an incident he got into off-duty with a cabbie. the charges were dismissed and he got his pension. his attorney in that case is representing him once again. >> waived extradition to the state of new york. he is very eager to contest the charges that have been brought against him. this is really just the first step in the proceedings. he will be transported to new york where we hope a bail will be set that he will be able to make and we will be beginning
12:27 pm
forward in defending the charges. >> reporter: there's no word on when he will be returned to new york to face the charges. that's the latest live from paterson, channel 7 eyewitness news. >> thank you. a man is accused of attacking a disabled man and his service dog in bronx. it happened on the 4 train near the 161st street yankees stadium station on tuesday. police say the 48-year-old herman williams told the victim to move his service dog out of the way. the man said he did. and williams punched the dog in the head. when the 30-year-old victim stood up, police say williams punched him in the mouth and knocked out several teeth. now to the stunning developments in the oscar pistorius case. an appeals court reversing a lower court's sentence. he is now convicted of murder. >> this case involves the human tragedy of shakespeare.
12:28 pm
supreme court of appeal today in a packed room, the judge declare oscar pistorius guilty of murder. >> the count one is set aside and replaced with the following, guilty of murder. >> reporter: overturning a earlier conviction of manslaughter on the grounds that knowing the person he was firing at through the bathroom door might have been fatally injured. >> if you fire into that, you must foresee the possibility that you may kill the person inside the cubicle and that's happened. >> reporter: following a sensational trial in 2014, he was found guilty of manslaughter for the death of his model girlfriend on valentine's day in 2013. oscar pistorius fired four bullets through this bathroom door, killing her aafter he
12:29 pm
>> it's so improbable. >> reporter: serving 10 months of the five-year jail sentence in this cell, the athlete then moving to his uncle's home after his sentence was reduced to house arrest. and now he faces at least 15 years for murder, sentencing is due to take place early next year. abc news, london. happening today, protests will mark the one year anniversary of a grand jury's decision not to indict a nypd officer in the death of eric garner. several marchs have been police commissioner bill bratton says he is waiting for federal prosecutors to consider possible civil rights charges against the officer before he will decide whether to bring departmental charges against the officer. police have identified a suspect wanted for the murders of a father and son in brooklyn. investigators believe jarvis roberts shot and killed the
12:30 pm
friday night inside a hallway at the hogs houses in brownsville. the son was shot in the head and his father in the chest. anyone with information is urged to contact police. new york city may not restrict uber and other car services but riding in one may get more expensive. city hall is preparing to release the results of a study exploring whether car service companies are contributing to traffic congestion in manhattan. mayor de blasio proposed capping the number of uber cars until the study was complete and now there are reports that the study could recommend a surcharge be imposed uber and competitors. a family dog what someone put into their yard that authorities looking into the case. and we are awaiting the news conference in california to update us who doesn't like a good surprise? you'd be surprised how easy it is to get a good low-cost health plan! at ny state of health you'll find many quality plans to choose from,
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ncionario antes de we are waiting for officials and investigators in san bernardino, california to date us on the late nest yesterday's massacre. the motive still a mystery in this shooting spree in california that left 14 people dead, 17 others wounded. officials have not ruled out terrorism in this case. >> they have identified the couple who opened fire at a san bernardino county event as syed rizwan farook and tashfeen malik. he had worked for the county for five years. the two dropped off their six-
12:33 pm
before heading off on the deadly rampage. and of course, we will keep you updated as soon as the press conference happens. in other news, the mystery surrounding the death of the newly elected mayor of juneau, alaska appears to have been solved. preliminary findings reveal that he died of natural causes. the 70-year-old's body found monday in his home by his son. police say he had a history of heart problems. results of a final autopsy will not be available for a few weeks. terrifying moments for a family when they realized their meatballs. the yard. and thankfully this time they went outside with them and noticed the male balls all over the yard, laced with rat poison. >> it could have been really sad. and now i don't even feel like outside. every morning, i will be out meatballs.
12:34 pm
dogs to the vet in time. animal control is now investigating. a wisconsin community debating a book about a religious group complained. the boom was going to be read in the class at the primary school. a first grader at the school transitioning from boy to girl. school administrators canceled the plans after a group called the liberty council threatened to sue. that's when community members organized a reading at the local library. compassionate, inclusive community. and so i felt that it wasn't representing the majority of us here. wanted to show. >> well full house of children and adults showed up for the reading by the author.
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have sheriff mcmahon with
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i want the start this off by reiterating that -- >> we want to go live now to san bernardino, california where officials are giving us an update. >> we need to be sensitive to that. and i want it put out to those families out there that our prayers are with them and we are here to support them any way that we can. some updated numbers. same as yesterday, we have 14 people that are confirmed dead in this incident. the number of wounded has risen from 17 to 21. they are being treated at various local hospitals. we were asked yesterday about the number of officers that responded. we are still compiling the total number of officers that responded here at 11:00 when the initial call of the shooting went out. our rough count right now is about 300 officers from local, county, state and federal agencies that responded for the initial active shooter component of this and helped deal with the crime scene here.
12:38 pm
and were part of the investigation in the officer- involved shooting that followed. here at the scene, at the inland regional center, what we have total is we believe the suspects when they entered fired somewhere between 65 and 75 rounds from their rifles at the scene. we did locate the one pipe bomb that was actually, three pipe bombs combined into one that had a remote control car-type remote control device that appears to have not worked in this case. and there were also four high- capacity 223 rifle magazines that were dropped by the suspects and left in there as evidence that have been recovered. i can confirm that the suspects were wearing the black style tactical gear that we talked about yesterday. they were not wearing ballistic vests, bullet-proof vests.
12:39 pm
vests that held equipment, magazines and ammunition. load-beering gear. on the officer-involved shooting that took place a couple hours after the incident. we talked yesterday about how that came to be, how we ended up at that point in the investigation and what we were following up on. on the officer-involved officer-involved shooting that occurred, we had seven police agencies that were involved in that shooting including our department, the sheriff's department. i think we had 14 of our police officers involved. and then there were various other agencies that were part of some of the local task force that had come to assist in the initial response. of the seven agencies involved, we had 23 officers that fired their weapons at the suspects. law enforcement fired approximately 380 rounds at the suspects, both of them were killed here at the scene. the suspects are believed to have fired about 76 rifle rounds at the officers at the termination of the pursuit. >> how many?
12:40 pm
however, on them, on their person, on their bide and in the vehicle, they had over 1400 223 caliber rounds that were available to them and they had over 200 9-millimeter rounds. >> what? >> 200 9-millimeter rounds. we talked yesterday they had the rifles and pistols with them. >> you said 1400 on the -- the. >> on the 223. 1400 223 rounds. 200 9-millimeter rounds. >> on their person? >> yes, on their person or immediately in the vehicle around and available to them. let me get to a few others. two officers injured in the incident. one was a san bernardino police officer that sustained a gunshot wound to his left leg. he was taken to the local hospital last night. he is probably going to be released this morning if he has not already been released. the injuries not life threatening.
12:41 pm
he is in good spirits and this morning we learned there was a second deputy that was injured in incident. sustained cuts to his leg that probably came from broken glass or sexual fell, we're -- or shrapnel, we're not sure. we will confirm that the search that took place revealed that there were 12 pipe bomb-type devices found in that house or in the garage to that house. and there were also hundreds of tools, many of which could be used to construct ieds or pipe bombs. and in addition to that, they had other materials to have produced some additional bombs as well. there were another 2 ,000 9- millimeter rounds found at that house. over 2500 223 rounds found at that house. and then there were 2500 -- and
12:42 pm
hundred 22 long rifle rounds that were found there. so with that, i'm here to talk about the specifics of the investigation and what we discovered evidence-wise. i think the fbi has some comments to make later in this. do you have any questions for me? >> do you believe they were planning another attack? >> we don't know. they were equipped for another attack. >> any people of interest you want to talk to? going on. and i don't think we're prepared to talk about other people that we might be looking for. we are confident that the two people that were involved in the shooting here are the two dead the suspects that we have at the scene and we do not have any credible information to indicate there's an immediate threat to anybody in the area or the region. brian? >> the remote control car with the pipe bomb, can you elaborate? >> i'm not an expert on it.
12:43 pm
was three pipe bombs attached together. somehow attached to a remote control car and designed that the remote control device would somehow trigger or set the device off. we don't know if they attemped to do that and it failed or what the story is. >> moving? >> it was found in a bag. that was there at the scene. >> the gopro is not confirmed. we do not have any information that the suspects had gopros on them or any cameras of any sort on them. >> based on your interviews with the eyewitnesses, can you tell us what happened in the room? and did you believe there was a dispute and they left and came back? it seems very preplanned. >> so we have people in the room that indicated that the suspect was in the room during the early part of the meeting or party-type event.
12:44 pm
christmas holiday-type gathering luncheon is what it was. he was part of that. he was there early on. and he left. we did have some initial information that he left under some kind of duress or as if he was angry. and we had somebody else say that he just disappeared. we don't know where he went from there. so i don't know that we know enough about that yet but he was there early on. >> do you have a motive for the shootings? >> we still don't have the motive. >> how they got in the building? targeting anyone in particular? >> so the building that it took place in, i'm sure you have aerial views and what it is. this took place in the southern most building on the property. the doors that they entered were located on the east side. so they entered from that parking lot into those east doors which went directly into the room which is where the shooting took place. and it was an open party of the building. >> he left the party -- >> they sprayed the room with
12:45 pm
they killed 14 people there. >> so any indication -- >> any idea how long time lapse when he supposedly got into the argument and left -- >> i have to apologize. i went to follow-up and i failed to ask that. yesterday we had information that was anywhere from 10 minutes to 30 minutes. i will try to tie that up in later in day. >> we said yesterday that there appears to be a degree of planning that went into this. nobody just gets upset at a party and goes home and puts together that kind of an plan. so there was a plan that went into this. >> please, was there any indication of how long [ indiscernible ] -- >> i don't think we are far enough into the investigation to really be able to say what that pattern has been or every place they have been or what they have been doing over the
12:46 pm
that's part part we're still working on though. >> did he have a grudge against coworkers that you were able to find out about? >> not that i'm personally aware of. but i think later today, we will probably have a comment from his employer and the county to talk about some of the issues. >> can you legally obtain that much ammunition? >> employed at the center, why was he invited back? >> to my understanding, he was still employ with the county. the guns were legally purchased. the two hand guns were purchased by him. the rifles were not. but those are components that we are still follow up. all four guns were legally purchased. >> talk about a record -- >> i'm sorry. >> did he have a record? >> there's no criminal record that he had that we're aware of. >> what can you tell us about the get-away car? we heard there was a utah license plate. any idea on how it was
12:47 pm
>> it was a black ford excursion, the big expedition? expedition, i'm sorry. the black ford expedition. it was a rental car. he rented it three or four days ago. and it was due to be returned yesterday. that's why it had utah plates. >> traveled oversea, is there a connection that something was planned by that -- >> i'll let the fbi discuss that. those are things they're working on. >> have you been able to identify and notify next of kin? >> so our plan today is to do a morning press conference. throughout the course of the day, the sheriff and the coroner's office is going to start releasing names of the victims. we have been working throughout the night to get identity of those folks. and then make notifications. so we will start to put those names out here fairly soon. we're going to probably try to get pictures outing for as well. and probably try to move the media closerring for. and then we will come back and do a press conference later on. but throughout the course of
12:48 pm
start releasing the names of the victims. >> were they all county employees? >> i do not know if they all were but several we believe are. >> they took, can you talk about the and how you see them be able to move on past this in the coming days? >> you know i read an article by a reporter in the press, sorry, the the sun this morning. and she talked about the community. in the fact everybody knows san bernardino has been beaten up with the bankruptcy and economy include, the community has been hard. but it resilient community. we will survive this. we've had a huge ground swell of support from our neighboring communities and all over the place. i know there's a candle light vigil, i believe at the stadium on e street. and i think you will see evidence there of a tremendous men amount of support and people coming together. and as far as the officers, everything that i have seen and all of the officers from my department that i have
12:49 pm
i'll tell you as the chief, i am proud of the way that our folks responded. not only the initial response here and the help that we got from the local and regional partners but for the way they engaged in that officer- involved shooting and getting the suspects. that was nothing short of heroic and extremely proud of the way they handle that. >> chief, were your officers wearing body cams? >> is it legal to have long guns in california? >> i think there are questions still about whether they were california legal or not. i will let atf address later on. but the four guns were purchased, appeared to be a legal purchase and appeared to be registered. >> were your officers wearing body cams? >> none of our officers have body cams. i don't know about the other agencies. >> is the child in custody somewhere? >> i'm not sure where the child is. i don't know where she is. >> can you possess that much ammunition legally?
12:50 pm
restrictions on the volume of ammunition. you may educate me on but i'm not aware -- >> offhand i'm not specifically aware of anything specifically against the law. >> what you're look for, what else you may have had besides the ammunition and who lived there? >> the suspect and both suspects were listed on the rental agreement for the property. as i said yesterday, i don't know that we can say that they were living there or living elsewhere. and what exactly that house was used for. the house became a focus of the investigation based upon information that we had from witnesses that identified them as an employee that was there that they thought was potentially involved and it was follow up that we had done connected to that person that took us to that house and led us to following in the pursuit of the shooting that happened. once we were involved in that, it became a primary focus.
12:51 pm
and it making sure we went in the house and cleared it safe expri we discovered the other pipe bombs and i think some other evidence, computer evidence, cellphones, things like that and various other io the testimonies. i think there's a lot of helpful information from a number of areas. >> meaning those people that gave you help, have they ban able to provide you with an accounting of how many people were going in and out of the house, a pattern of coming and going? >> we are working and trying -- obviously i think we have heard the rumors you guys have heard but we are still trying to verify. i'm careful when i come up here. as i said yesterday, information that went out yesterday is likely to change today and tomorrow. so already the wounded number has changed. i want to be as accurate as we can. and a lot of that stuff ends up being speculation or hearsay
12:52 pm
before we say- it. >> was there surveillance at the building? >> it's my understanding there was no specific surveillance inside the room where shooting took place. we are however in possession of cameras from the area and we are going through that evidence. >> an update on the -- >> good morning. i'm the assistant director of the fbi in los angeles. first of all, two points. first off, our hearts and prayers are with the families of all the victims of this very heinous act. secondly, i ask you to be patient. we are trying to give you little bits as we can as we find out more and more facts.
12:53 pm
investigation and the media response here today, this is not your average investigation. we have multiple scenes. we have many victims. and it will take time. this is -- there are a tremendous number of assets and resources being applied to this investigation. focus as a fact-finder who works for an organization that is really fix yated on facts is i would much rather be slower and correct with the information that comes out to you than fast and incorrect. it's incredibly important for us because the integrity of the investigation is absolutely paramount as far as our concerns, absent other than taking care of the victims. so we are applying a number of federal resources. we are continuing to work very action very carefully with our partners here at san bernardino county sheriff's department, san bernardino city police department and the atf. and the resources are being applieded for a number of reasons.
12:54 pm
things we're doing today.
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